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Go Behind the Scenes Of Hollywood With Legends Of Hollywood Tours

Almost a majority of what you see on the small and big screen are created right here in Los Angeles. Whether it is a classic film or your favorite TV show, the city is home to several iconic studios that produce them. With Legends of Hollywood Tours, you can get a sneak peek behind the scenes. Join us for a studio tour of sets and props, learning some interesting trivia in the process, and if you are lucky, maybe even spotting some of the greatest stars in action. We will take you on a journey that will give you access to what goes on behind the cameras, giving you a glimpse into the real world of making TV shows and movies.

Join A Hollywood Studio Tour In Los Angeles

If you want to fill a day with some authentic movie-themed fun, book a studio tour with us. We will take you on an informative and entertaining tour of the studios’ vast expanses of filming locations, fake building facades, the iconic city skylines, sci-fi ships and buildings, and more! Go around the sprawling grid of soundstages, take photos and experience Hollywood in all its unmatched charm and glory.